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What is the Care Centre?
What is the Care Centre?

The Care Centre is the central hub where you are connected to healthcare professionals and resources from Avail.

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The Care Centre is a personal digest of the recommended support and resources available to you. It is important to check-up regularly and be truthful, because resources are recommended based on your answers.

No more waiting hours at the doctors office, or scouring the web for self-help articles.

As a member you have access to premium support that is hand-picked by our team to save you time and get you feeling better, faster.

Get Support Now 

By choosing Speak with Someone you can connect with a care professional (in-person or online).

Activities & Tips are suggestions aimed at boosting your well-being. Activities are guided actionable steps you can take and tips are bite-sized information pieces to consider as you build your resilience. Choose which category you'd like to improve and follow the instructions on the cards.

Articles and Videos are longer informative pieces designed to educate and help guide your health.   

Care Packages 

Care Packages are the top resources recommended to you. They may include a healthcare professional, an activity/tip and an article/video.

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