Insights statuses play a particularly important role in keeping your data actionable. These insights are the direct breakdown of your Avail score into twelve categories. You can read what these categories mean, which ones you are doing well in, which ones you may be struggling in, and what you can do to make improvements in each specific area.

Each insight represents the relationship between stress and recovery in a specific domain of your life. Each question you answer in your daily log contributes to the status of one of these insights.

Insight statuses are ranked as follows:

This status means that you are receiving more than adequate recovery in this category. If there are insights that you are struggling in, then you can spend less time and energy on activities that improve this insight and more on activities that contribute to others in if you want to optimize your overall well-being.

Room to Improve
While you may not feel like you are struggling with your day to day stressors, this status indicates that this may becoming a problem. Its a good time to begin thinking about this insight and how you might be able to more effectively address it.

This status indicates that you likely are feeling challenged in this area. We encourage you to reach out to your peers, seek help from a professional or access Avail's content library to help find a solution.

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