This article describes what a check-up is and how often you should complete one.

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Proactive care is the most effective way to manage your health, but monitoring your well-being can be challenging. Avail has worked with industry leaders to develop and provide you with well-being check-ups that work.

What are check-ups?

Check-ups are are short surveys used to measure your well-being and resilience across ten categories of stress and recovery. You will receive the most benefit by answering these questions truthfully.

We have a mantra here at Avail, "what gets measured gets managed". 

If you don't track how much money is in your bank account, how will you understand your financial health?

Similarly, we've made it easy to reflect on your well-being at any given time so you can understand what is in your 'health wallet'.

How often should I check-up?

The number of categories you complete during a single check-up is up to you. However, we recommend you try to complete all ten categories once per week. You can set check-up reminders in your profile.

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