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What is the Emergency Crisis on the dashboard?
What is the Emergency Crisis on the dashboard?

Your dashboard contains an Emergency Crisis section that contains three options for you to reach out to support.

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Scrolling to the bottom of your Avail Dashboard, you will find your Emergency Crisis module. This module contains three different ways for you to reach help: Emergency, Hotline, and Crisis Chat.


If you're experiencing an emergency, you have the option to call 911 directly from your Avail dashboard. Tapping "911" will connect you to an ISU police dispatch personnel who will ask you a series of questions to determine if the call requires an emergency response.


There are many crisis centres available 24-hours a day for you to reach out to. Clicking the hotline will connect you to someone who could help.

Crisis Chat:

The emergency crisis dashboard also contains an option to use a Crisis Chat. By clicking "" you'll be able to chat with a local crisis personnel.  

If you are struggling and looking for a resource, scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard or the Care Centre to see all the emergency crisis options.

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