Avail has industry-leading privacy protection so you can be confident that your data (Avail Score and Events) remains private unless you decide to share it with a Connection or a Group. 

Individuals who you have granted permission to view your data as a Connection will be able to see your historic avail scores, balance scores, and any visible events (that are not private). This is a mutual sharing of information as you can see theirs as well. We only encourage you to create connections with individuals who you trust with this information.

Visible information like this will be shared with your connections and group administrators:

Similarly, individuals who have granted permission for a group will allow the administrators to see historic avail scores, balance scores, and any visible events, however you will not be able to see the group administrators data.

If you are a part of an organization, your Avail Score and Events will not be shared. Your name, email address, when you were last active, and your city will be made available along with high-level group statistics to allow your organization to make better informed decision to benefit you.

Only this information will be shared with your Organization Administrators.

If you choose to share your Avail Data with a Connection or a Group, those permissions will appear in your permissions page.  

To see how your data is being shared click the button below.

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