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Who should I invite as a connection?
Who should I invite as a connection?

Start inviting close friends and family members as connections to set up your immediate circle of support.

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That's a great question! Your connections are the most immediate people to you - they are your first line of defence on your journey to wellbeing. We encourage you to carefully consider who you share access to your personal health information.

Here is a list of suggested connections:

  • Parents

  • Siblings 

  • Children 

  • Significant others 

  • Relatives 

  • Friends 

  • Best friends (don't worry, you can have more than one), 

  • Co-workers

As soon as they accept your request, they will be able to see your dashboard and you'll be able to see theirs. Avail will notify them or you when there is a change in health scores. 

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