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Can I send messages to my connections?
Can I send messages to my connections?

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To start a conversation you must be connected to a user through a group or connection. You can contact a connection with the following steps:

  1. Tap "Messages" in the bottom navigation bar. 

  2. Select the connection you'd like to message.

  3.  Tap the send button once your message is typed.

On Desktop, to send a new message to a connection:

  1. Click "Connections".

  2. Select the Connection you'd like to message.

  3. Type your message and tap send. 

How do I know if I have received a message?

The messages icon in your dashboard navigation will be highlighted with a flashing red icon. Click messages and you will find any unread messages highlighted and bolded. AvailI will send you a push notification in real time or email within 30 minutes of receiving new, unopened messages.

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