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What is an Activity in Avail?
What is an Activity in Avail?

How do I use the activity tracker?

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Tracking activities will help you recognize how the things that you do impact your stress and recovery. To create your first activity, complete the following steps:

  1. Tap the Self-Assessment button

2. Tap the Historical Score button

3. Tap "+" to Track an Event

To record an Activity:

  1. Select "Activity".

  2. Select the type of activity that you performed and give it a name. Avail remembers recent activities that you performed so that you can easily re-add them.

  3. Choose the date that you performed the activity.

  4. Rate your enjoyment of the activity. 

  5. Choose the amount of time you performed the activity for.

  6. Select the difficulty you perceived that task to be (physical activities only).

  7. Click "Submit".

Activity Tracker in Action

Kyle recently started using the logging his workouts. Despite going to the gym every day for that last week, his health started trending downwards and he eventually got sick.

Since he was tracking his activities and monitoring his health, Kyle is now aware that for him, exercising too often can lead to negative consequences and in the future, he should take more time to rest. 

This example is just one of the many possibilities that activity tracker has to transform your health.

Next, learn the different types of activities you can track and some examples that would fall into each category.

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