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What is an Avail Score?
What is an Avail Score?

This article explains how the Avail Score is calculated

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What is the Avail Score?

Your avail score (found in your dashboard) represents your current stress and recovery calculated from your responses to questions in the daily log. The higher your score, the more effectively you are recovering from the day-to-day stressors in your life.

Avail Health Status

You may have noticed the words in your Avail Dashboard like "Excellent", "Above Average", "Sustainable", "At-Risk", or "Unsustainable" ย -- these are our Avail Health Statuses.

Each health status is associated with the following range of Avail Scores:

Thriving (70 - 100)
You are recovering from your stress as well as or perhaps even better than the average healthy person. Consider taking additional responsibilities, building good habits, or eliminating bad ones as this is the time when you are most prepared to do so.

Room To Improve (50 - 70)
You are recovering from stress at a sustainable pace, but have room to improve. Although you are keeping up a relatively good balanced score Avail recommends to focus on the areas that are less sustainable. Consider reading Avail's custom content or using your organization's care services to improve your health.

Of Concern (0 - 50)
You are experiencing considerably more stress than you can recover from. It is important for you to reduce your stress or improve your recovery. It is strongly recommend that you consider leveraging Avail's content library or reaching out to one of the professionals on the Avail System to help address some of the challenges you are facing. Remember, asking for help is not a show of weakness, but rather a sign of courage.

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