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What Is A Benefit Group?
What Is A Benefit Group?

Help members get to know and better use the benefits provided by your organization

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One of the most powerful things an organization can do for its members, employees, team members, etc. is to provide them with the opportunity to proactively care for their health and well-being. Many organization offer a multitude of different health services, but the most common among them is extended benefit coverage.

On Avail members can access our network of care providers spanning a large range of care services (e.g. Nutrition, Therapy, Medical and many more). To help members make better use of these services, especially proactively, we encourage you to help you members become more familiar with their extended benefit coverage and make accessing care even easier by adding your benefit coverage groups to Avail.

On the member's end, they will be able to see an overview of their extended health care benefits are and whether a care provider's services, accessible on Avail, are covered.

What about custom coverage options?
Most organizations typically have multiple benefits tiers (e.g. Tier A vs. Tier B) for the different members of their organizations as well as an option to waive benefit coverage all together. Avail support these complex use cases, you can achieve this by following the directions below.

What about those who waive their benefit coverage?
When you create your first benefit group on Avail, the system will also automatically create a "waived" benefit group. This will allow you to specify those users who have chosen to waive their benefit coverage. On the member's end, they will see that their benefits have been waived and that making use of a care provider's services, on Avail, will be "out of pocket".

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