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Why is Unit Dashboard Data unavailable?
Why is Unit Dashboard Data unavailable?

Your Unit's Dashboard Data is unavailable when the number of Unit members is below 10. This article explains why.

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The Unit Dashboard is a powerful tool developed to keep organization administrators informed on the overall standing of their Avail Unit. In most cases, Unit dashboard statistics are calculated daily and are made available to all organization administrators for easy review. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule that will cause your Avail dashboard data to become "incomplete." We will explore these scenarios below.

Unit data is filtered when the minimum Unit member requirement of 10 is NOT met.

What is the Minimum Unit Member Requirement?
Units  are designed to protect the privacy and anonymity of their group members. As a basic step to ensure the integrity of the policy is upheld, Avail has employed a minimum member requirement of 10 group members. 

You can easily check your Avail's data sharing policy. Simply visit your Unit dashboard, then click on the "settings" tab.

When calculating Unit statistics, the system first performs a check to ensure the minimum member requirement is met. If not, the system will not calculate statistics for that day. As a result, you will see a message explaining that your Unit data has been "filtered."

When determining whether the minimum member requirement is met, the system looks not only at the total number of members in the Unit but also at whether member data has gone stale. A member's data is considered stale when they have not completed a daily log for more than 14 days.

For example, if your Unit has 15 members, but 6 of those members have stale data, then the Unit member requirement check will not pass and your Unit statistics will not be calculated that day.

Why 10 Members?
One of the Unit dashboard's key features is to display the number of members who fall into each health status category (i.e. excellent, good, at risk and poor). Our data science team has determined that when the number of Unit members is below 10, it becomes statistically possible, through a process of elimination, to determine which group member has which health status.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team: [email protected].

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