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How do I create a Provider Profile?
How do I create a Provider Profile?

Best practices of setting up a Provider Profile to ensure that group members understand the support being offered

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Provider profiles are used by healthcare professionals that offer support to members. If you provide care for an organization, ensure the administrator of your group or organization has sent you an invite to be a provider.

Once you have received the invitation to be a provider, follow these steps:

  1. On the Pending Invitation bar, tap "View Now".

  2. Then tap "View Invitation".

  3. Fill out the form.

  4. Important: Save changes either at the top or bottom of the form.

  5. Click "View Profile" to preview what members will see.

To set up your Provider Profile, fill out all the necessary information:

General Details

  1. Title. This is used to distinguish your profile if you provide different services for different groups.

  2. Service / Benefit Category

  3. Location

  4. Message To Members

  5. About Me (Optional)

  6. Video (Optional) - Currently, only Youtube videos are supported.

Booking Options & Contact Information

If you do not offer specific appointment options or would prefer members contact you to book an appointment, please disable this option.

  1. Service Name

  2. Price (Optional)

  3. Duration (Optional)

  4. Booking Link (Optional)

  5. Service Description

  6. Remote Appointment (Can this appointment be attended remotely (e.g. phone or video chat)? Please ensure your booking confirmation lets the user know where to join the remote appointment.)

Tag Your Profile (Geography / Region & Visibility)

Avail measures and monitors multiple dimensions of a members well-being and using that information make helpful recommendations. Complete this section to help Avial understand how to best recommend your services.

  1. A member is struggling with:

  2. A member is excelling and looking to build:

  3. A members age is:

Avail allows you to offer your services remotely and therefore, needs to know the regions in which you are registered practice. If you have no restrictions, you can select all regions. Avail will only show your profile to members who are in the regions selected below.

I am able to see patients in...


If you are going on vacation or simply need a break from Avail you can use this setting to hide your profile. While "hidden", members not be able to access your profile.

Now you are ready to provide support for your group members.ย 

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