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What is on my Group Dashboard?
What is on my Group Dashboard?

Get an overview of your teams well-being

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Your group dashboard provides group administrators with a window into the day-to-day wellbeing of group members. The dashboard breaks this data down into the key areas which portray where members are thriving and where they are struggling. In turn, group administrators can influence and implement improvements, policy changes, etc. to evoke positive change inside of their organization. 

Group events allow administrators to mark the dates on which key events or interventions have taken place. These events will enable you to measure the health impact that specific events have on your team.

Your group dashboard metrics are calculated once a day, every morning. Groups must have at least one active member for data to be displayed. A member is considered inactive after 14 days without completing a log as we cannot say anything with statistical certainty about an individuals health beyond this timeframe. 

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