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What is an Avail Group?
What is an Avail Group?

Avail groups help organizations provide care to their team

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Groups are for organizations who directly want to oversee the health of their team. With groups, Organizations get a macro-level perspective on the group's health as well as individual Avail scores. 

For example, Sean Graham manages a team for his company. Sean is keen to understand the mental and physical toll his team his team is under, both at home and in the office. Sean decides to use Avail Groups to monitor his team's overall wellness on an on-going basis.

Sean creates an Avail Group and invites his team. Team members need to accept Sean's invitation and continue to complete their Avail questionnaires.

At this point Sean can leverage his group dashboard to identify individuals who may be "at-risk" or "unsustainable", and in-turn take corrective action to avoid potential injury and other undesired outcomes. Furthermore, Sean can also access each individual's Avail Dashboard to examine a more in-depth overview of the areas in which a person may be struggling.

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