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How do I create an Avail Group?
How do I create an Avail Group?

Create an Avail Group to gain perspective on the well-being of an interest group.

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Groups allow administrators to view both the overall health of a group as well as insight into the well-being of each individual. Individuals within the group are also able to see the Avail scores of their fellow group members.

To create a group, follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Groups" tab in the top left drop down menu.

  2. Then tap "Create a Group".

  3. Fill out the form: "Name", "Description" and "Image".

  4. Once you're happy with your group, tap "Submit".

If you're looking to create a second group:

  1. Click the name of the group, a dropdown menu will appear.

  2. Tap "Create New Group".

  3. Continue the same process as described above.

Here is more information the group profile data:

  • Name - The name of the group that group members will see.

  • Description - A simple description explaining the purpose of the group. This information will be displayed when inviting new members to the group.

  • Image - Optionally, add your group logo or symbol to help members identify your group.

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